Friday, September 25, 2015

Hanging a Mirror With Standoff Systems

As I’m renovating my bathroom, I’m would like to hang a large (120 cm x 80 cm), frameless mirror above my washbasin with a hanging standoff systems. I also want to install indirect LED lighting and it should also be heated.

I’m planning to do the following:

Buy a plain mirror with a silver back

Make a 110 cm x 70 cm wooden frame on which the mirror will be mounted. The top bar of the frame will have a wedge shape, so I can hang it on a opposing wedge that is mounted to the wall.

Mount the LED strips on the outside of the frame

Stick the heating pads on the back side of the mirror in between the frame.

This way I should have a “floating” mirror that is heated and illuminated.

My only problem is how to mount the wooden frame to the mirror? I’ve found two types of mirror glue but liquid Nails specifically mentions that you should also use a J-channel or a shelf angle, which I really don’t want. Loctite does not mention it specifically, but it also doesn’t say it’s not needed. What do you guys and gals think? Would it be okay to glue the wooden frame directly to the mirror, or would it need additional support to make sure it remains on the wall?

The opposing wedges is called a French cleat. You can attach them with epoxy. Your wood frame should not be securely attached to the mirror because wood moves, a slot the mirror is held in will work.

I suggest something from MBS Standoffs  and for the led strip do some research on what’s good. The cheap Chinese ones have limited life, html lighting makes good ones for your project

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